ÅKU 2020 for Specialists in English

The key word for ÅKU 2020 is efficiency, combined with the same variation as always. Some sections begin with a knowledge test, and if you pass it in one attempt, you will be approved for the entire section in question and may proceed to the next.

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Who is this for?

This course is for those who work in different types of specialist functions in the securities field, such as fund and portfolio managers, analysts and stock brokers.

Course content

If you hold a license for specialists, you will go through the following sections:

  • Money laundering – Know Your Customer
  • Low inflation, low real interest rate, low exchange rate
  • Sustainable and Social bonds
  • Costs associated with fund savings
  • The definition of insider information
  • Measures of earnings, capital and cash flows
  • Interest-related instruments
  • Ethics case