ÅKU 2018

Yearly knowledge update for SwedSec licensees

ÅKU 2018 is a varied e-learning with film, animated fact sequences, cases, video lectures and interactive exercises. Which one is suitable for you depends on your professional role.

Who is this for?

ÅKU 2018 is available in four versions as it is adapted to the four occupational categories: advisors, specialists, management and control functions and mortgages.

Course content

The content of the ÅKU is determined by the trade association SwedSec, and this year the course contains 16 subjects. Note that you do not have to master all 16 subjects, only the topics SwedSec considers to be related to your professional role.

  • Investment fraud
  • EBA Guidelines on Control
  • EU Data Protection Ordinance
  • Portfolio creation and recommendations
  • Housing economy
  • Sharpened amortisation requirements
  • The housing association’s economy
  • Insurances in connection with inheritance and inheritance
  • Family law and mortgages
  • Taxation of capital assets in business activities
  • Taxation of derivative instruments in business activities
  • Investment Park Account
  • Housing tax
  • Future proxy
  • Ethics case
  • New insurance distribution law


This training is for those who are covered by SwedSec’s licensing requirements for mortgages.

Management and control functions

This training is aimed at those who work with various management and control functions in the securities market. For example, as the CEO and other responsible managers, the compliance officer and certain positions in risk control and other control functions.


This version is aimed at people who work in different types of specialist functions in the securities field, such as fund and portfolio managers, analysts and stock brokers.


This training is aimed at those who provide financial advice to consumers. Even those who provide investment advice to customers are part of this training’s target group.

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