ÅKU 2019

Annual knowledge update for SwedSec license holders

Contento’s ÅKU 2019 is based on efficiency and variation. We have developed a concise digital training with seventeen sections based on the industry organisation SwedSec’s proficiency requirements.

Each section represents a proficiency requirement, and how many of them you should go through depends on your professional role.

Course content

ÅKU 2019 consists of the following 17 subjects:

  • GDPR – Data protection regulation
  • Sustainable investments
  • Debt in Sweden and internationally
  • Strategies for normalising monetary policy
  • Costs and fees and third party payments
  • New credit tools
  • Call procedures and volatility guards
  • Consumer protection in a changing mortgage market
  • Tambur
  • Registration management without errors and delays
  • New credit risk regulations
  • Insurance distribution (IDD)
  • Insurance savings (IDD)
  • Tax rules and family law regarding insurance (IDD)
  • The company’s internal regulations
  • Ethics case

Launch date and notice

The launch date was June 3, 2019. To register now, click on the link for your professional role below:


This version is for those who give financial advice to consumers, including investment advice.


Management and control

This version is for those who work with different management and control functions in the securities market, such as CEOs, other responsible managers and compliance officers and certain positions in risk control and other control functions.


This version is for those who are covered by SwedSec’s licensing requirements for mortgages.

Our courses

1. License preparation courses
2. E-learning
3. Teacher-led training
4. Blended learning
5. Tests
6. Webinars