Diplomatic life insurance broker

Get your diploma in life insurance mediation with us

Contento’s training program diplomatic life insurance broker gives you a broad knowledge base and meets the specific requirements of life insurance brokers.

In total, the training package is comprised of 14 teacher-oriented training classroom days, e-learning courses and self-study. The training package ends with diplomacy and mingling to celebrate your newly acquired knowledge.

Who is this for?

This training program is designed for people who work with advanced insurance, pension and investment advice at insurance companies, banks or as insurance brokers. The training is also great for those who work with insurance in other roles that require a wide range of industry knowledge, such as whether you are a business or product developer at an insurance company or have a marketing or support function towards insurance advisors.

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Our courses

1. License preparation courses
2. E-learning
3. Teacher-led training
4. Blended learning
5. Tests
6. Webinars