Insurance knowledge – blended learning

This course is in Swedish
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Web based training

First, you take our e-learning courses ”Insurance knowledge”, ”Private personal insurance” och ”Savings insurance”. They are built on interactive learning with animated and filmed sequences as well as exercises and simulations.

Part two is a teacher-led classroom day where you add to your knowledge from the e-learning courses. You have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss different solutions with the supervisor and other course participants.

The goal is to give you basic knowledge of how insurance business works and available insurance forms. You will also receive tools to properly evaluate different insurance companies and their products.

Who is this for?

This course is for those who work with advice and distribution of insurance to private individuals or companies. The course design is suitable for those who have started working as an insurance distributor or advisor.

Course content

The main legal frameworks for life insurance business

How life and death insurance is built

Different components of the insurance premium and understanding how they affect the premium when changing assumptions

Risk assessment

The rules for pensions, capital and capital pension insurance

Traditional insurance and unit-linked insurance

Solvency and consolidation

Mutual and profit-sharing life insurance companies


International insurance market

New insurance products on the market

What to consider when choosing insurance products

Repurchase and transfer rights

Risk insurance

How risk insurance is affected by legislation

Packaging of risk insurance


Health and accident insurance

Group insurance

Knowledge test

Reservation policy

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