Contento and AI

AI has already affected the efficiency in how we create digital learning material as well as how a projects can be conducted.

But AI can also hallucinate, and if used wrong, make a script more boring and predictive. There are also many cases where AI isn’t welcome for security reasons.

We at Contento use AI where it is effective and relevant. But the end result is always made with a human touch to keep a good quality through out our productions.

Examples where we use AI are:

  • As an assistant in creative work and storyboarding
  • Translate scripts
  • Generate pictures and animations
  • Summarise text
  • Create tests
  • Generate lectures

AI is just in the beginning, new products are launched every day. We spend a lot of time testing new ways of doing things with the help of AI. But so far, there is still a need of a human touch.


You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more about how to use AI in training.

Anne Karlström

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Susanne Hedberg

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