About us

Sweden’s largest financial educator

At Contento, we help companies create change with relevant and insightful education. For 20 years, our focus areas are banking, finance and insurance, where the requirements for compliance and ethics are high, which in turn requires the best continuous and measurable training initiatives.

Our pedagogical idea

Our educational idea is to build knowledge with creative and insightful grasp, paired with modern technology and pedagogy. We achieve this by following societal development and research within our core areas and through employees with a wide variety of competencies. We also possess a deep knowledge of today’s modern channels for learning – digital as analogue.

Many of our clients have large target groups for their training efforts, which means that the majority of the educations we create are web-based, but we also work with mixed learning, where we combined teacher-led teaching with digital learning, including cases, exercises, movies, animations, VR simulations and webinars.

Our main focus

With our legacy of the Wassum Investment Network – a key-player in finance and insurance – Contento’s focus is on banking, finance and insurance where we offer some twenty core courses. We always cooperate with subject experts to ensure that the content is updated according to laws, rules and guidelines – which means that we can guarantee the quality of our offering.

Our philosophy

We believe that the key to successful learning is engagement.
At Contento, we are motivated and creative in our work to produce relevant content for all of our education. Our philosophy is all about reflecting reality and stimulating learning with interactivity and social moments, where we let the participants share knowledge with each other.

Our team

The heart of our award-winning business is the team, which today consists of enthusiastic and highly competent employees. For us, it is important to deliver education that really makes a difference and the road there is primarily about two things; partly to understand the challenges that our customers face in their everyday lives and partly that we constantly develop our skills.

Our place in Learnify

Contento is a business area in the educational company Learnify, which combines pedagogy and innovation in effective solutions. Learnify also includes the EdTech business area, whose main focus is schools, idea-driven organisations and the development of new business areas and educational concepts.

Examples of customers in Learnify EdTech are the Skolverket, Coor, SKL, Lärarförbundet and many schools and universities.

Core trainings

We have a large set of basic and specialist courses for you within banking, finance and insurance.

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Tailored trainings

Creating unique education for your particular needs is one of our specialities.

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Our tool can become your tool

Interested in added value? You can access our web-based production tool.

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