In close cooperation with the industry, we developed Bolånelicensen, preparatory training for SwedSec’s mandatory licensing test. In order to meet the diverse target group’s varying needs, we developed a flexible solution, which was based on the participants’ prior knowledge.

Our challenge

The target group for the training was extensive; just over 12,000 mortgage advisers who in a short time would live up to SwedSec’s new knowledge requirements. The requirements included three complex and extensive subject areas, where there were no established courses and course literature.

Our solution

We decided to develop a program with three customised sub-courses that were entirely based on the participants’ prior knowledge. During the development, we took the help of subject matter experts and the final result was eight hours of web-based education and a database of over 300 test questions.

Our strengths

Together with the three major banks, we created a comprehensive training material that is unique; nowhere else in the market is such a large material gathered about housing loans. The actual study time per participant is optimised because each person receives an individual study plan based on their prior knowledge. Participants who fail at the final test will receive a new individual study plan.