Contento have now launched an e-learning course on Sustainable investments. It suits you who need basic training on the subject, for example in the role of bank advisor.

During the training you will learn about different methods for working with sustainability in asset management. You will also learn more about sustainability versus returns, ESG, green bonds, and carbon dioxide measures. The content is based on SwedSec’s proficiency requirements for advisers.

We are proud of our extended cooperation with SFM (Swedish Association of Insurance Mediators). Together we are now developing several comprehensive training packages within both life and non-life insurance.

First out is KU Liv and KU Sak, which was published in the InsureEd portal in May. The two packages serve as preparation for two of this year’s knowledge updates at InsureSec: KU Liv and KU Sak.

We will then launch the Årslicens Liv and the Årslicens Sak which will be available in the InsureEd portal from July.

All packages consist of flexible learning in the form of filmed lectures, e-educations and interactive tests.

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ÅKU 2019 is an efficient training that provides maximum learning in a limited time.

We have achieved this by creating and featuring a variety of animations, feature films, expert interviews, challenging instructive exercises and much more.

ÅKU 2019 matches the industry organisation SwedSec’s knowledge requirements and comprises a total of 17 current topics, such as GDPR, sustainable investments and new credit regulations.

We are launching e-education on June 3, 2019.

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So, in 2018’s final stage, we have produced statistics for our courses. There were no bad numbers found! Of course, we wanted to share them with you.

Our users have completed our e-training courses a total of 145,000 times. At the level of detail, we have also found, among other things, that:

  • More than 15,000 people have participated in this year’s ÅKU, which corresponds to two-thirds of the education’s target group.
  • Our Mortgage Loan License attracted an audience of more than 1,000 people.
  • Our SwedSec and InsureSec packages had nearly 2,000 participants.

In summary, we are incredibly proud and grateful that what we do is such a great benefit to so many people. Now we are investing in an even more eventful 2019!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from Contento!

Last week we announced the merger of Contento Wassum Academy AB and Learnify AB.

The merged company will be called Learnify AB and will work with two brands, Contento and Learnify EdTech.

Our team is working together to refresh the Contento brand so it visually represents where we are today as a digital company, and here’s what you can expect:

– A new company name
– A new logo and corporate colours
– A brand new website
– A marketing face-lift
– A design update in the Learning Portal

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

In October, we launch an updated version of our SwedSec training courses!

This includes, first and foremost, the educational content that is updated in accordance with new legal requirements and regulations. And now our Academy Portal had received a new informative design that gives participants a more comprehensive picture of the entire program.

In addition, we have introduced a chat feature where participants can ask real-time questions to our subject expert at a specific time each week.

Who are our updated SwedSec training courses for? It is available in five versions, adapted to different roles and needs:

SwedSec – Self-study for advisors is a distance training for those who work as advisors at banks, securities companies or insurance companies and face the challenge of being approved on SwedSec’s licensing test. The layout suits those who prefer to read at their own pace, have a high level of study and good self-discipline. At the same time, you will have access to the Academy portal where you can communicate with our subject experts and your course colleagues during the course.

SwedSec – Self-study with teacher support (for advisors) includes individual conversations with our subject experts in addition to the self-study package. With the help of teacher support, you get guidance in your studies and progress faster than you study on your own.

SwedSec – Self-study with webinars (for advisors) combines the self-study package with four webinars led by our subject expert.

SwedSec – Self-study for specialists is a self-study package for those who work as analysts, securities brokers, fund managers and those in similar roles. The training consists of filmed lectures and exercises designed to achieve the right level of knowledge for SwedSec’s licensing test for specialists. The content is divided into three subdivisions and you will find them in the Academy portal where you can also discuss with our subject experts and your course colleagues.

SwedSec – Management & control functions with three course days is an intensive three-day training program at our premises in central Stockholm. The content suits you as CEO, other responsible managers and compliance officers. Some positions in risk control and other risk functions roles also benefit from this training. In addition to the three course days, there is a book and access to a self-study package in the Academy Portal where you can also ask questions directly to the teacher.

The Financial Supervisory Authority’s regulations on securities movements now require that some employees have knowledge of the institution’s internal guidelines, procedures and systems.

The knowledge requirements of MiFID 2 are contained in Section 8 of FFFS 2017: 2 (Chapter 4, Section 3), and apply to those who provide investment advice or information about financial instruments, investment services or so-called page services.

This means that the employees covered by the regulations will test their knowledge each year in a test validated by an independent reviewer, that is, an actor with appropriate qualifications to be able to handle that particular task.

This is where we at Contento Wassum come into the picture. We have developed and implemented large amounts of licensing and certification courses over the years. In addition, we are skilfully recognised in developing tests with thoughtful questions that match the industry-wide knowledge requirements in banking, finance and insurance. Today, we work as a partner for both large and small players in the market.

If you and your organisation need support to meet the regulations of paragraph 8, we can help release the burden from your shoulders and provide expert knowledge tests to meet your internal guidelines, systems and routines.

As always, we can offer some of the best online and classroom-based training and diagnostic tests on the market for both SwedSec and InsureSec licensing tests.

Feel free to contact us to find out more:

Or call: +46 (0) 8 407 00 40

The new Insurance Distribution Act began on October 1 this year. Right now, we offer a filmed lecture (including knowledge issues) about the news under the IDD, Insurance Distribution Directive.

IDD is an EU directive aimed at strengthening consumer protection. Those who work with insurance distribution will provide your customers with more comprehensive information about the products and services you intend to sell to them. The requirements for transparency regarding costs and benefits have also increased, and the goal is to reduce conflicts of interest, which in turn strengthens consumer protection.

In addition to the lecture, Contento will launch an online course in October that expands on the subject. It is called the Insurance Distributor’s Role and Responsibility and will replace the filmed material plus the earlier online training Insurance Broker’s Role and Responsibility.

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