SwedSec - Self-study with webinars for advisors

This course is in Swedish
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Web based training

The goal of this education is that you should be well prepared for SwedSec’s test for advisors. The education is completely remote and combines self-study with four webinars led by our subject expert.

One week before the first webinar you will receive a link by email so you can log in via Adobe Connect at the correct date and time. Each webinar is held between 10:00 – 15:00 with a lunch break of about 30 minutes. Be sure to sit separately with your headset and computer and have a good internet connection.

Before you start the studies, you do SwedSec’s diagnostic test to find out what level your prerequisites lie. Your test results result in a personal study plan with recommendations and references in the educational content. Contento’s effective and educational study material will then help you reach the right levels of knowledge.

During your study time, you will communicate with our subject experts and your course colleagues. You can ask questions or discuss the content of the training via the learning portal.

The duration of the self-study is calculated between 70 and 80 hours.

Who is this for?

The training is aimed at people who work for security or insurance companies, as a bank advisor and who face the challenge of being approved by SwedSec’s licensing test.

Course content

  • Individual study plan based on your test result from SwedSec’s diagnostic test.
  • E-learning courses, video lectures and client meeting simulations divided into four subsections:
  1. Products and management of the customer’s business
  2. Economics
  3. Ethics and regulations
  4. Pensions and insurance
  • Four webinars, one per subsection, held by a subject matter expert
  • The book Placeringsrådgivning with the appurtenant by Gabriel Oxenstierna
  • Reconciliation test with 60 knowledge questions

Course dates

Delområde 1 – 2019/08/29
Delområde 2 – 2019/09/05
Delområde 3 – 2019/09/12
Delområde 4 – 2019/09/19


Delområde 1 – 2019/11/14
Delområde 2 – 2019/11/21
Delområde 3 – 2019/11/28
Delområde 4 – 2019/12/05

Reservation policy

Confirmation of the registration is sent out via e-mail. Look into the spam folder if you can’t find it. If you don’t receive any confirmation, please contact us at info@contento.se. Registration for distance courses is binding and cannot be cancelled. Registration for teacher-led classes is binding, but not personal, and can be transferred to another person within the same company. In case of rebooking or cancellation later than four weeks before the start of the course, 50 per cent of the course fee will be charged. If you rebook or cancel later than two weeks before the start of the course, the entire course fee will be charged. The cost for sent material is always charged. Invoicing takes place upon notification with payment terms 30 days. The course is available for 12 months from the notification. In case of illness with lecturers for teacher-led classes, we reserve the right to move one or more course days to another occasion. We are happy to welcome you as a course participant with us at Contento!