SFM och InsureEd

Svenska Försäkringsförmedlares Förening (SFM) is the industry organisation for insurance distributors and together with them, we built up and operate InsureED. InsureED serves as a training portal for all SFM members and the idea is that InsureEd will eventually develop and act as a knowledge hub for the entire industry. In the portal, we set up test preparation courses for Insuresec’s licensing tests.

Our challenge

Insurance distributors must act correctly, professionally and with the customer’s best interests in mind. To contribute to this, InsureSec provides licensing tests for insurance distributors. SFM saw a need for a competence platform with test preparation courses for InsureSec’s licensing tests, and together with Learnify the solution was developed – InsureEd.

Our solution

In close cooperation with the industry, we developed the training portal InsureEd. Here we set up test preparation courses for Insuresec’s licensing tests. Here you will also find the annual knowledge updates that are required to keep the entire brokerage team updated and licensed.

Our strengths

To keep our educations current and relevant, we closely collaborate with experts from the industry and the material in the InsureEd portal is highly appreciated by our customers and has become the industry standard. We are also working on developing more courses aimed at the entire insurance industry.