MiFID 2, Section 8

The Financial Supervisory Authority’s regulations on securities movements now require that some employees have knowledge of the institution’s internal guidelines, procedures and systems.

The knowledge requirements of MiFID 2 are contained in Section 8 of FFFS 2017: 2 (Chapter 4, Section 3), and apply to those who provide investment advice or information about financial instruments, investment services or so-called page services.

This means that the employees covered by the regulations will test their knowledge each year in a test validated by an independent reviewer, that is, an actor with appropriate qualifications to be able to handle that particular task.

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If you and your organisation need support to meet the regulations of paragraph 8, we can help release the burden from your shoulders and provide expert knowledge tests to meet your internal guidelines, systems and routines.

As always, we can offer some of the best online and classroom-based training and diagnostic tests on the market for both SwedSec and InsureSec licensing tests.

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