For those who need to learn more about insurances

We offer several courses on insurance mediation and insurances – from a basic level to more advanced courses. Contact us if you need help choosing the right one for you!

The role and responsibilities of the insurance distributor

This course teaches you what the term insurance distribution means and the requirements Financial Supervisory Authority sets on you as an insurance broker.

Insurance knowledge – blended learning

This course includes three e-learnings and one teacher-led day that gives you basic knowledge of how insurance works and the different forms of insurance that are available.

Insurance knowledge

This course gives you basic knowledge of insurance. The content goes through the purpose of insurance and how the Swedish insurance system looks.

Private personal insurance

During this course, you will learn how private personal insurance works. You follow a family with children and learn about how they should be insured, which is not always easy to determine.

Our courses

1. License preparation courses
2. E-learning
3. Teacher-led training
4. Blended learning
5. Tests
6. Webinars