Courses on the capital market and different kinds of investments

Contento knows that investment is a big and important area, and therefore we have developed a number of courses that are about this. For example, you can choose an education that introduces the capital market and provides basic investment knowledge, or deepen your knowledge of a particular type of investment.


In this course, you learn what the most important facts are about stocks, which controls the stock prices and in what situations the stock is a good investment for the future.

Derivatives and structured products

Learn how derivatives and structured products work. The content goes through the basics and gives examples of how some instruments work and how the price of the options is set.

Financial markets and instruments

This combined course will teach you about financial economics and the techniques and instruments that occur.

Funds and fund evaluation

This course goes through what funds are and how they work. You will get to know some different types of funds as well as try a tool used to make comparisons between them.

Funds and portfolio management

In this blended course, you will learn how to create and maintain portfolios with different risk profiles and time horizons, as well as different investment options available on the market.

Capital Market pt. 1: Macroeconomics

This training gives you an introduction to macroeconomics. It addresses financial crises and bubbles, BNP, growth, monetary policy and fiscal policy.

Capital Market pt. 2: Returns and risks

This training gives you an introduction to return and risk. It goes through interest, returns, risk and probabilities.

Capital Market pt. 3: Portfolio theory

This training goes through the basics of portfolio theory. You also get to know more about, for example, different types of risks, CAPM, AFS, the capital allocation line and portfolio creation in practice.

Option driving license – share equity certification

This training includes two teacher-led classes and is designed to provide you with good knowledge and skills in managing and changing the portfolio’s risk and return structure.

Fixed income investments

This course teaches you what is important when it comes to interest rate investments: what pros and cons as well as what risks are associated with interest rate investments?

Sustainable investments

In this course you will learn about different methods for working with sustainability in asset management.

Investment advice

This course teaches you what you need to do in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations on financial advisory services. It includes, among other topics, needs analysis, information and documentation, good advise practice and duty of discourage.

Fund regulation

In 2011, the UCITS IV fund regulation was introduced, which resulted in extensive changes in Swedish law. This course gives you an overview of the laws governing funds today.

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