Moving you closer to your SwedSec license

A Swedsec license is a quality stamp for you as an advisor and works as a competence assurance. Contento offers training programs to prepare you for your Swedsec licensing test and take you one step closer to a license. The trainings are available in several versions adapted to your professional role: advisor, specialist or management and control function. The content is produced according to Swedsec’s proficiency requirements.

Swedsec is an organisation that works to strengthen confidence in the Swedish financial market, by ensuring that the staff of affiliated companies have good knowledge, comply with laws and regulations and have a high ethical awareness

Self-study training for advisors

This is a self-study training program for those who have a high degree of studying, good self-discipline and prefer to read at their own pace.

Self-study with teacher support for advisors

In addition to the self-study training program, you will receive individual teacher support during the course.

Self-study with webinars for advisors

This includes the self-study training program and four webinars held by our subject matter expert.

Self-study training for specialists

This is a self-study training program that includes video lectures, exercises and course literature.

Self-study with webinars in English for specialists

This is a self-study package that includes video lectures, exercises, course literature and three webinars with English-speaking subject expert.

Management and control

For roles in management and control, we offer a teacher-led three-day education including study material: a book and preparatory e-education.

SwedSec – Specialist diagnostic test

This is a diagnostic test in English with more than 300 questions in order to prepare you for the license exam Swedsec Specialist in English.

Our courses

1. License preparation courses
2. E-learning
3. Teacher-led training
4. Blended learning
5. Tests
6. Webinars